Daycare Preschool Group is a NonProfit organization representing the interests of the daycare centers and preschools in the community of Ivory Park Tembisa. We have formed this “mother body” to help combat the common problems experienced in the community, being the fight against Starvation (malnutrition), cholera, malaria, and to provide education and training. Our aim is to encourage all the children in the area to attend school so that they can grow up mentally prepared for life. By providing them with good healthy food  and good education at an early stage they will be better prepared when they enter formal education sector of primary schools. This will also help ease the burden on their teachers.

The funds and donations we raise go to make sure that the children eat well, get a better education and play with good, safe, equipment. By learning to read and write at an early age, children find higher education much easier. We also monitor the children when they leave the Daycare and Preschool centers and go home. We go that extra mile to visit their parents and to talk to them about how their children are coping after school, and at the weekends. We know that they leave our centers with a full stomach, but what if anything are they getting for supper at night? We realise that a child’s progress and their pace of learning can be influenced by many things beyond our direct control.

The Directors and founders of the Daycare and Preschool Group started the project with no funding, accommodating the children and serving them food using their own money. We need to feed the children Healthier food, provide them with blankets and sometimes even cloths. They also deserve safe playground equipment to entertain them and their teachers need to earn a living wage so that they are encouraged to make that extra effort.

We need YOUR help! We welcome any funds or donations from individuals, companies, fundraisers and government. The primary schools in the area recognize that the children registering for Grade 1, that have attended centers under the umbrella of the Daycare Preschools Group, are healthier and adapt to the formal education syllabus much easier. They are very pleased with the work that we are doing
All the members of the Daycare Preschools Group attend various courses and workshops in such things as Firefighting, Kitchen preparation, HIV/AIDS, Counseling and reading programmes. They also participate with the Department of Sports and Culture, and social workers.
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Unchained is an organisation that supports our call, they help to invest more in less fortunate children across the country.

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